Pen y Garreg

Pen y Garreg                          October 30- November 2  2014

Thursday, I walk up the bridleway towards Crugyn, ‘Fear of Music’ by Talking Heads comes up on shuffle…the cadence of the songs oddly de-stabilise the beat of my steps, i’m singing loud, in a crack of time.

An album that way back had a huge influence on me, and one that reflected a collective uncertainty for the future. Here the songs resonate again, bounce off the context i find myself in, creating a fracture between this place and the outside world. The seasonal bleakness of these Elan uplands, coupled with the music heightens my sense of melancholy and temporary isolation here. I make a bad recording of myself singing ‘Life during Wartime’ at the trig point on Esgair Pen y Garreg…and walk back.

Passing through Pen y Garreg Farm my eye drawn uphill to the left to a particularly dark tree against the sky and hillside. There is a pattern of bright yellow scattered growth beneath. I walk up, there is a tide line of fallen crab apples. Undisturbed, in the lea of the wind and rolled down slope. Incongruous somehow, the only bright, yellow things in this place today. I fill my bag, take them home, make crab apple jelly.

Simon Whitehead

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